Product News and Feature Updates May 2020

Product News and Feature Updates May 2020

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May 29, 2020

Product News

While the economy has been quiet, our new development assembly line that we have worked on for the past two years has been in overdrive.

Currently, over 80 clients are taking advantage of our free trials of Marketing Manager (our email marketing automation platform), our email verification platform, and our prospecting database. We have validated 900,000 of our customer email addresses and found 141,000 bad emails to date. It’s a great way to figure out which contacts can be deleted from your database. Here is a quick video that sums up the features. 

If you have not signed up for the free trial yet click here.

Feature Updates

We have a record number of new features coming your way in the next couple of months. Here is a quick summary.

Arrived or in the Release Process

  • Payment Plus – Newspaper Manager’s new multi-media installment billing payment plan system is on your backup sites for customer feedback. We have received some great feedback to date and just came out with the first round of enhancements. We intend to take client feedback for two more weeks and then we’ll allow clients to turn the system on their live sites. Released on backup sites (.biz) Here is a video on how it works.
  • “Sales Cycle” our new Opportunities workflow – We have completely re-written our Pipeline Opportunities module to include 17 data fields, three views: Table View, Kanban View, and Split Screen View, and host of other really cool features. It’s the most robust Pipeline Opportunities module in the publishing industry, and you are going to love it! It’s due for release at the end of next week! Here is a video on how it works.
  • Marketing Manager Import Tool – A new powerful import tool for Marketing Manager brings unlimited import fields, and allows for imports of tags. To be released this weekend.
  • New Navigation Bar with Integrated Marketing Tools – We have re-written the Newspaper Manager Navigation Bar so that Marketing Manager’s features are seamlessly integrated through a new “Marketing” tab. We have also made subtle changes to the login, account and setup features to bring our Navbar in sync with industry standards. Release date: This weekend.
  • Marketing Manager API – Marketing Manager’s new API which allows Marketing Manager to connect to a host of external software platforms.
  • Email Verification Enhancements – We fine-tuned our algorithm and improved the identification of unknown emails by 6 percent! Released.

Near Future 

  • Ad Flow – Our revised Production Workflow System. Set up to ten stages in your Ad Work Flow. Drag and Drop your ads from stage to stage. Send batch emails to any stage within your workflow. Features table view, Kanban (Board View), and split screen for quick calling of clients for late ad material.
  • Mirabel’s Project Pro – Our new project management module for managing everything from your editorial assignments, to your custom publishing projects, to your content management projects for your clients. Will include drag and drop project management software with a table view, Kanban (board view), and split screen view.
  • New Search Operators – Our lightning search engine gets a new set of advanced search operators including “is Equal” or “is Not Equal”, “contains” or “does not contain”, “starts with” or “ends with”, “is empty or blank” or “is not empty or blank”.
  • Prospecting Pro “IntelliSearch” – Based on feedback from our trials we are adding a new intelligent search that searches the web for potential data appends on prospects you have in your database.  This unique service validates those emails in our prospecting database to make sure that when you do prospecting searches, the contacts in the search have valid email addresses. This will lead to great data accuracy in our prospecting database, and the ability to only download email addresses that you know have been validated.

The Crystal Ball

  • Mirabel’s Subscription Pro – We are in the process of rewriting our Subscription and Membership module to tie it in with our marketing automation, order and receivables modules. It’s part of a larger  rewrite of our entire order system. We are currently finishing off the user interface and like all of our new stuff, it’s slick and it’s fast!
  • Mirabel Event Suite – We currently record events through our print order system. We are creating a separate order system for events that allows tracking of greater event details, the ability to separate out events on reports, and includes a ticketing system and online purchases.

Some of Our Clients

Mirabel Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with representatives throughout the US, Europe and India.

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