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Newspaper & Multimedia Ad Management

The Newspaper Manager’s ad order entry system connects every step of the media buy. Proposal templates are easy to generate and convert into contracts, insertion orders, and invoices. Streamline and manage any type of media buy, including email newsletters, website ads, zoned FSIs, scheduled events, sponsorships, and complex bulk multimedia buys.

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Ad Management Software

Customizable Insertion Orders

From basic display ads to bundled media packages, The Newspaper Manager’s ad order entry system simplifies the advertising process. Custom-tailor each order to include multiple contacts, itemized production charges, and special instructions for a pick-up. Efficiently accommodate last-minute changes, such as ad size, color modifications, positioning requests, and frequency or rate adjustments.

Ad Order Entry for Rate Card Management

Managing rate cards is an effortless process with The Newspaper Manager’s Ad Order Wizard. Customize rate cards on the fly to coincide with real-time inventory changes.

Integrated Proposals & Opportunities Module

Bringing all Proposal and Opportunity information into one convenient report, this module allows users to create custom report views to see Proposal and Opportunity details either separately or together in one combined view. With custom Proposal and Opportunity stages, sales reps can easily track Proposals and Opportunities as they move through the sales pipeline.

Advanced Proposal Approval System

Created with a built-in electronic signature system, The Newspaper Manager helps to streamline and automate the proposal approval process by allowing sales staff to send electronic, legally binding documents to be signed and approved directly through the CRM. Once signed and approved, the proposal status within the CRM will be automatically updated to ‘Approved,’ and automated emails will be sent to both the sales rep and the customer with a PDF of the signed document.

Streamline Your Workflow With Our Multi-Media Proposal Generator

Ideal for large media packages or commonly bundled products, this feature enables admins to design pre-defined Proposal Templates with products, sizes, and rate cards without needing to select issues or input dates. When generating a Proposal, just enter the dates, and the line items will automatically populate. This allows a 100-line item Proposal to be created in mere seconds.

Real Time Ad Inventory Management

Quickly see what ad inventory is available for a Product in a certain timeframe with a single glance. View a breakdown of the Orders and Active Proposals created with that inventory date, size and position, and even create new Orders and Proposals directly through the report.

Newspaper Ad Management

Track Ad Sales With Our Advanced Sales Module

Complete with a vibrant user interface, the Sales Module allows sales teams to easily search for and track sales using over 20 different search criteria. Between the List, Calendar, and Gantt Chart Views, and the ability to create custom views, the options to display sales data are practically endless.


Enhance Your Sales and Marketing with Seamless Automation and Customizable Lead Management

Powered by Marketing Manager’s automation engine, our built-in Sales Sequencing system can automate all sales functions including sending emails, scheduling calls and meetings, assigning or removing Contacts to and from groups, updating fields on the Contact Record, and more! And with suite if completely customizable Lead Management features including custom Prospecting Stages, Lead Types and Lead Sources, users can easily guide leads through the Sales Pipeline from start to finish.


  • RFPs and proposal conversions into contracts and schedules
  • Simple and flexible insertion order creation
  • Customizable, polished proposal templates
  • Multimedia rate card management
  • Ad inventory management with automated tracking
  • Adobe InDesign integration
  • Word, line, flat, inch and modular size rates support
  • Revenue, space, discounts and credit issues reports
  • Ad quote conversions into contracts and schedules

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