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Save Time with an Integrated Publishing CRM

The Newspaper Manager CRM integrates sales, production, & billing data within one unified software platform.

A World-Class Publishing CRM

Newspaper CRM

Contact Management

Organize contacts, collaborate with your team, and manage your business.

CRM for Newspapers

Customer Search

Custom search fields allow your searches to be fluid and specific.

Newspaper Publishing CRM

Calendar & Events

Sync with your web-based calendar to see all your events in one place.

CRM for Newspaper Publishers


Create automated alerts to remind employees of important events.

Newspaper CRM Company

My Callbacks

Access lists and schedule callbacks, meetings, and email follow-ups in a single click.

Newspaper CRM software

My Mailing Lists

Create and manage email lists, merge existing campaigns, and export the data to measure performance.

News Publishing CRM

Email Marketing

Select pre-defined email templates to quickly run your campaigns. Or, you can even create your own.

Newspaper Billing CRM

Dashboard & Reports

Fully customizable reports generate an overview of sales and production metrics in each module.

The Most Powerful CRM Software in the Newspaper Industry

The Newspaper Manager lets you to search, categorize, and organize client data in a way that makes follow-ups easy.

Newspaper Manager

Advanced CRM Contact Search

Search for customers by name, phone number, email, company, address, and dozens of other custom fields.

Advanced CRM for Newspapers

Integrates with Mirabel's Marketing Manager

Identify who is visiting your website and who is downloading your media kit. Our unique platform helps uncover potential advertisers that can be directly imported into The Newspaper Manager CRM with just a click. No manual entry required!

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Marketing Manager

What Our Customers Say

Michael Trogdon

We’ve been very happy with the value that Newspaper Manager has added to our sales team. And we are also happy with the client service.

Melissa Sanderson

Everything that the software is offering is more efficient and better than what our company was doing before Newspaper Manager.  We are now able to project our numbers much better than we could before.

Kylah Strohte

Newspaper Manager has made my life a whole lot easier.  The software is efficient and easy to use, and I've been incredibly impressed with the level of service the Newspaper Manager team offers.  Such a great value - thank you!

Chuck Morales III

We've been a satisfied client of Mirabel Technologies for over 10 years.   With 17 weekly and monthly print publications we've been able to streamline many of our regular work practices thanks to the ease and versatility of Magazine Manager.

Louise Sproule

Despite updating and changing the way we do everything at our newspaper, we had not changed the way that we sell ads and contact our clients.The Newspaper Manager system enabled us to combine all of our collective knowledge of our customers into one organized place.

Valerie Simon

We started to use Newspaper Manager and I didn't know how valuable it was until we lost a sales rep.  It made it so easy to pick up where the rep left off.  With the account list and the information at hand,  we didn't lose a single ad!  It was seamless!

Michael Raher

The Newspaper Manager has taken our business to a whole new level. We have seen an immediate increase in efficiency (and profitability) and we now have the ability to look at our business in a way that we've never been able to before.

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