Newspaper Marketing Software


The most robust CRM and marketing automation software in the publishing industry

Newspaper CRM Features

Magazine CRM

The only publishing CRM with built-in email verification software to prevent hard bounces before you send a campaign.

CRM for Publishers

Campaign Reports track opens, clicks, bounces, spam counts, and unsubscribes.

Best CRM for Publishers

Schedule future and follow-up campaigns, run A/B test campaigns, and publish workflow campaigns with the Email Builder.

Publishing CRM

Granular opt-out setup by publishing product.

crm for magazine publishers

Full integration with Mailchimp and Gmail.

Publishing Software

Automatic carbon copies of emails to clients records.

Most powerful list segmentation in the publishing CRM industry

The Newspaper Manager offers the most powerful mailing list builder in the publishing industry with static and dynamic list creation.

Landing Pages

  • The most powerful landing page tool in the publishing CRM industry
  • Create unlimited landing pages
  • Build completely customized landing pages
  • Ability to save landing page designs as templates
  • Capture and convert leads with customizable forms
  • Optimize Marketing Efforts With the Automation Engine

    Create carefully tailored workflows with dozens of trigger options to automate all communication based actions.

    Competitor Technology Analytics

    See which technologies competitors are using on their websites. Track competitors’ social media statistics including page rank, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes.

    What Our Customers Say

    Michael Trogdon

    We’ve been very happy with the value that The Newspaper Manager has added to our sales team, and we are also happy with the client service.

    Melissa Sanderson

    Everything that the software is offering is more efficient and better than what our company was doing before The Newspaper Manager. We are now able to project our numbers much better than we could before.

    Kylah Strohte

    The Newspaper Manager has made my life a whole lot easier. The software is efficient and easy to use, and I've been incredibly impressed with the level of service The Newspaper Manager team offers. Such a great value - thank you!

    Chuck Morales III

    We've been a satisfied client of Mirabel Technologies for over 10 years. With 17 weekly and monthly print publications we've been able to streamline many of our regular work practices thanks to the ease and versatility of The Newspaper Manager.

    Louise Sproule

    Despite updating and changing the way we do everything at our newspaper, we had not changed the way that we sell ads and contact our clients. The Newspaper Manager enabled us to combine all of our collective knowledge of our customers into one organized place.

    Valerie Simon

    We started to use The Newspaper Manager, and I didn't know how valuable it was until we lost a sales rep. It made it so easy to pick up where the rep left off. With the account list and the information at hand, we didn't lose a single ad! It was seamless!

    Michael Raher

    The Newspaper Manager has taken our business to a whole new level. We have seen an immediate increase in efficiency (and profitability), and we now have the ability to look at our business in a way that we've never been able to before.

    Gretchen Wehmhoff

    We needed software that could track and invoice advertising in two different publications with the same contact list. Once the [software consultants] helped us set up our letters and rate cards. Now, we can create a proposal and, with a touch of a button, it can become a contract and then an invoice when it's time to bill

    Mirabel Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with representatives throughout the US, Europe and India.

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