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The Newspaper Manager
Expands Relationship with Trogdon Publishing

Mirabel Technologies, a global leader in integrated publishing solutions, and creator of the widely-used Newspaper Manager and Magazine Manager CRM platforms, is delighted to have been selected as the company-wide CRM software provider for the greater staff at Trogdon Publishing, located in Northern Ohio.
Trogdon Publishing, which had previously subscribed to the Newspaper Manager platform in a much smaller capacity, is finally ready to embrace many of the new robust features available within the Newspaper Manager’s 2017 release. System upgrades, such as the new customer-facing payment portal, integrated e-signatures, and batch production updates are expected to introduce deeper efficiencies and cost-savings throughout Trogdon Publishing’s environment.
One particular feature that Company Owner, Bruce Trogdon, is looking forward to is the Newspaper Manager’s latest integration with Creative Circle’s classified ad solution, which is currently undergoing development.
“When we learned that the Newspaper Manager would be integrating with Creative Circle, we became very serious about the time and money we could save,” said Trodgon.
Needless to say, Mirabel Technologies is looking forward to helping Trogdon Publishing reach these new benchmarks while helping them lower their overhead costs.
“It’s exciting to see The Newspaper Manager evolve into such a powerful product,” said Greg Booras, National Sales Manager of The Newspaper Manager. “The 2017 release keeps rolling out new features and it raises the bar on what integrated publishing CRMs can do.”
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About Mirabel Technologies:

Mirabel Technologies is an international software company that empowers businesses to grow. Its flagship product, The Magazine Manager, was the first web-based CRM for publishers and now serves more 15,000 publications worldwide. Since then, several other products followed suit including The Newspaper Manager, Digital Studio, Flip & Share, and now its newest, most advanced platform, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager. To schedule a product demo, please contact Greg Booras at
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