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Save Time & Eliminate Errors

From the initial ad order to final layout, The Newspaper Manager’s collaborative environment simplifies production at every step. Each module is designed to keep materials organized and ensure last-minute changes don’t fall through the cracks.

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Track materials with newspaper production software.

The Newspaper Manager’s Job Jacket makes it easy to share proofs, provide feedback, and secure final approval. Exchange feedback in real time and track time estimates by client and product. The Job Jacket also saves billing time, and itemized production charges automatically carry over to invoices.

Newspaper production management software


The Ad Manager keeps your team on the same page by providing real-time production updates in a collaborative environment. From initial ad submission to final approval, The Ad Manager tracks progress of all multimedia ad units and keeps advertisers on schedule by collectively emailing them material reminders.

Newspaper Production Management

Popular Production Features

  • Production Time Tracking
  • Online Pagination
  • Proofs and Approvals
  • Common Art Numbers and Ad IDs
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Classified Ad Module
  • Proposal Rollup by Issue
  • Runsheet of Ads by Client & Product

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