Embracing the Digital Age with Programmatic Advertising

Embracing the Digital Age with Programmatic Advertising


Carena Marchi

November 9, 2020

Nowadays, it’s no secret that our world is run by the technology we’re surrounded by. We primarily communicate via messages sent through our phones. Our entertainment comes from an endless supply of social media apps and streaming services. Our businesses rely heavily on websites to gain customers and earn revenue. You get the picture.

With this kind of environment, we’ve become increasingly impatient when it comes to gratification and results. For marketers, the use of technology has become especially important when developing advertising strategies. Thanks to intuitive technology that uses software to purchase ad space and smart algorithms that deliver advertisements contextually, programmatic advertising is on the rise.

Programmatic advertising’s increased popularity is no surprise given how important it’s become to be digitally savvy. Brands across all industries continue to find new ways to make their strategies more digitally-driven and more easily accessible.

For the publishing industry, this ability to adapt to the digital world is vital to its survival. Publishers have long relied on print advertising as a main source of revenue, but it is now clear that digital advertising is the route publishers must embrace.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how programmatic ads are beneficial, how they apply to the publishing world, and how an ad sales software could help take your brand to the next level in today’s digital world.

How Do Programmatic Ads Work?

Programmatic advertising uses machines to purchase ad space. Prior to programmatic ads, the process of buying ads was time-consuming and inefficient. This new use of automation for ad spending allows marketers to cut out the middleman in the equation, cater ads to the right subset of their target audiences, provide a wider reach in terms of publishers to choose from, and ultimately, results in a wiser investment overall.

With all of these benefits and more, it’s no surprise that programmatic ad spending is expected to reach more than $147 billion by 2021, thus contributing to more than 69% of display ad sales.

The fact is, programmatic ads make it easier for marketers to access data-based insights down the line. Additionally, this method of digital advertising allows for more personalized ads, which have become more important as social media advertising has increased in value for businesses.

Programmatic advertising consists of two different methods for purchasing ad space: real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic direct.

Real-Time Bidding

This process involves a publisher, a supply-side platform, a demand-side platform, and an advertiser. During this process, advertisers bid to reach a certain target audience or demographic and the space is won by the highest bidder.

Programmatic Direct

This process gives advertisers the ability to buy a set number of impressions ahead of time and is more similar to the traditional methods of media buying.


Rethinking Your Publishing Strategy

At this point in time, publishers are constantly trying to find new ways to adapt to the digital world. With the general shift from print to digital, publishers must find ways to effectively capture value while maintaining a strong connection and understanding of their target audience.

Publishers are responsible for a number of things when it comes to executing advertising strategies. They must provide the space for ads to be displayed, manage the ad inventory of various advertisers,collect data regarding current and past campaigns, and create a positive experience for their customers at all times. This to-do list is no small feat,but programmatic advertising methods and an ad sales software play a major role in ensuring the process of executing a digital ad strategy runs smoothly.

The process of going from print to digital advertising is a pretty dynamic one. Digital advertising requires proper metrics and a well-thought strategy, and it comes along with challenges that previously weren’t faced when using print advertising. However, the insights and intelligence gained by publishers through digital advertising is well worth the time and dedication it takes to shift strategies.

Utilizing an Ad Sales Software

An ad sales software can make a publisher’s transition from print to digital a smooth one. This tool will help your business automate its records and the various stages of the sales process. It allows you to ensure that your brand is utilizing all of its best assets and features when it comes to advertising on digital platforms.

Additionally, an ad sales software improves your connections with your audience and allows you to get a better idea of who you’re reaching out to based on valuable data it gathers. Most ad sales softwares include a client relationship management system (CRM), which will help you keep track of customers and potential contacts.

An ad sales software will also ensure that you are not being repetitive when it comes to your advertising strategy. The eyes that reach your ads don’t want to see the same content repeatedly, and you want to make sure that you are spending your ad dollars wisely.

Lastly, an ad sales software will help you see whether you are on target to reach your goals and allows you to make informed decisions regarding your brand strategy.

Making the Switch to Digital

It’s hard to imagine a world without our phones, tablets, computers, and other technological devices that seem to run our lives these days. With that in mind, it’s important for publishers to adapt a strategy that caters to this digital world.

By embracing a programmatic advertising strategy and utilizing an ad sales software to execute that strategy, you can help ensure that your digital advertising efforts continue to meet the expectations and goals of your brand.

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