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Chances are you’ve heard about it and probably thought about it too. A growing number of traditional publishers are offering creative marketing services to diversify their revenue model.

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If you are a publisher, you’ve probably noticed this big fat trend: magazine and newspaper publishers are starting to offer creative marketing services. If you think about it, it makes a sense. Publishers are great writers with a keen eye for graphic elegance.

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Let’s face it. No matter how awesome you are at selling ad space and media, you can still leave money on the table. That's why we need technology to see opportunities that the human eye can’t.

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“Lead identification” is the process of identifying your website visitors, and targeting those who are your most qualified sales targets.

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Let’s be honest. We’ve all made purchases at some point that sit there collecting dust. Whether it’s the 2:00am infomercial all-in-one blender, or fabulous technology for your publishing company, you might be asking yourself, “wait, what is this?”

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As it turns out, Welcome Home RGV, which caters to “Winter Texans” in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, has a very engaged reader base.

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What Our Customers Say

Todd McKinney

It (Newspaper Manager) really put my business life in order. I was using MS Word for proposals and FileMaker - I had 4-5 apps doing what I can do now, and nothing was talking to each other. I'm not going anywhere -I expect to use Newspaper Manager for a long time.

Melissa Sanderson

Everything that the software is offering is more efficient and better than what our company was doing before Newspaper Manager.  We are now able to project our numbers much better than we could before.