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Brain Swell Media (Ryan Dohrn)

Brain Swell Media, founded by Ryan Dohrn, specializes in training and coaching media and technology sales professionals. As the host of the #1 iTunes podcast, Ad Sales Nation, Ryan is also an international keynote speaker, an Emmy Award winner, a best-selling book author, and he has trained over 6,000 media sales people in 7 countries. Also an avid user of The Newspaper Manager publishing CRM software platform, Ryan’s 25-year media career spans consumer, B2B, traditional, and digital media brands, including Disney, PennWell, The New York Times, and several other big names in media.

Creative Circle

Creative Circle offers a full line of web and print production software, including a dynamic web and print production CMS (Content Management System), the industry’s most flexible paywall, hyper-local zoning solutions, flexible page and story templates and an affordable classified ad management solution which directly integrates with The Newspaper Manager. For more than 30 years, Creative Circle has been one of the newspaper industry's most active consulting, training and design firms. It has led the redesign and re-engineering of more than 650 print publications, has designed and built more than 350 media-related websites and has led training in 23 countries.

Software Consulting Services, LLC (SCS)

Software Consulting Services, LLC (SCS) provides complete publishing software solutions including digital asset management, and advertising systems for small, mid-size and large metro newspapers. Two of its most widely used products ClassPag, a classified ad pagination solution, and Layout-8000, an automated newspaper advertising dummying system for display advertising, integrate fluidly with The Newspaper Manager’s publishing CRM system. 

Spark Digital Sales Group

Spark Digital Sales Group provides sales training and sales support for media companies of all sizes.  Specializing in comprehensive digital sales strategies, Spark Digital Sales Group helps its clients with pricing plans, packaging, commision structures, and sales training as part of its custom-tailored approach to helping media companies increase revenue and profitability.

What Our Customers Say

Michael Trogdon

We’ve been very happy with the value that Newspaper Manager has added to our sales team. And we are also happy with the client service.

Melissa Sanderson

Everything that the software is offering is more efficient and better than what our company was doing before Newspaper Manager.  We are now able to project our numbers much better than we could before.

Kylah Strohte

Newspaper Manager has made my life a whole lot easier.  The software is efficient and easy to use, and I've been incredibly impressed with the level of service the Newspaper Manager team offers.  Such a great value - thank you!

Valerie Simon

We started to use Newspaper Manager and I didn't know how valuable it was until we lost a sales rep.  It made it so easy to pick up where the rep left off.  With the account list and the information at hand,  we didn't lose a single ad!  It was seamless!

Chuck Morales III

We've been a satisfied client of Mirabel Technologies for over 10 years.   With 17 weekly and monthly print publications we've been able to streamline many of our regular work practices thanks to the ease and versatility of Magazine Manager.