Five Tips For Landing Advertisers with Lead Identification Software


Christie Calahan

January 2, 2020

If you are looking for a faster way to capture new advertisers, you may want to consider trying a lead identification software app or a CRM that offers this built-in capability. “Lead identification” is the process of identifying your website visitors, and targeting those who are your most qualified sales targets.

While lead identification technology is relatively new, many publishers are already finding success with it. Essentially they are cherry-picking strong advertising candidates amongst the identifiable portion of their web audience.

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With the right software, identifying website visitors can be fast and accurate if you find a way to capture email addresses. Since many publications offer newsletters and regularly email their subscribers, this data can give publishers coveted information about their audience.

Therefore, if you have access to this type of lead identification and tracking tool, here are 5 tips to get the most value from it.

  1. Give website visitors a good reason to share their email address. From engaging newsletters to coupons and events, people provide their email if they get something valuable for it.

  2. Target decision-makers who already engage with your product(s). Those who are actively reading your publication(s) will likely see value in advertising in it.

  3. Add qualified prospects to your CRM to jumpstart the lead nurturing process. If you efficiently copy qualified prospects to your CRM, they become a regular part of your email and follow-up process.

  4. Don’t overlook the circle of influence. By identifying and engaging with other influential employees, you can help turn a company saying "maybe" into a "yes".

  5. Set-up automated alerts. If you receive an email each time someone downloads a media kit, you can make contact at the perfect moment.
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